due to a sabbatical Mango Fest 2008 was not observed.


Some of the 2007 contestants declined to participate this year while others are sadly missed because they have moved on to greener mango groves.


The rules were refined slightly to ensure compliance with the hands free rule. This year we required all contestants to keep their hands behind their backs during the consumption portion of the contest.

We continue to look for a corporate sponsor. Until that time the prizes include the notoriety only.


the observers (behind Keith)

note two of the 2007 participants were observers in 2009

Andre eating

Leo almost winning ‘eating’ his mango

Mango soup that resulted in a disqualification

Carved mango

Winning carving

The intense competition resulted in mango flying! and hitting the ground.

Definitely a little messy!!

Prizes awarded:
Loudest observer
Best carving (tie)
Susan and Keith
Fastest eater
Second fastest eater
Best plan to win
Largest spill on the carpet
Most stylish competitor (even with mango all over her face)
Consolation prize for the participant who was allegedly stabbed by an overzealous competitor
Best in show


donations to help with the dry cleaning and carpet cleaning can be made to the School of Finance and Economics, UTS Business